born: here
lives: here, there
belongs: here, there, everywhere…

believes in: beauty and the transformative potential of art

committed to: living as a conscious member of the global community and world, walking gently on the earth, learning to be peace

interested in: the contexts in which aesthetic experience is created and framed, planting seeds of ideas, interspecies communication, language, thinking as form, the re-enchantment of art, the sounds of silence, the poetics of ordinary life, daydreams, liminals, interstices.

recognized as: an internationally exhibited interdisciplinary artist, social sculptor, ecological activist, educator and mentor

co-founder of: compassionate action enterprises
in 2000, lisa kaftori and joan giroux and co-founded the artist collective compassionate action enterprises (CAE), to promote art and interdisciplinary activity that acts as a catalyst for positive change. CAE uses art strategies to raise awareness, cultivate understanding and address poetically issues challenging the future sustainability of our world. compassionate action enterprises has performed actions in the united states, europe, israel and asia.