about “san nomo, san itta”

During the “san nomo, san itta” ( “over the mountains, more mountains”) installation and performance, located in a pagoda on a bridge in Samsung Park, Lisa Marie Kaftori and Joan Giroux sat in swings, linked to one another by a linen scroll with 1000 white chrysanthemums in between them. Lengths of red yarn draped over the side of the covered bridge. This yarn was rolled into over 1000 balls to be given to viewers. When these balls of red yarn were unrolled a numerical system was revealed that connected each viewer to another two viewers, creating a literal and symbolic chain of connection. “san nomo san itta” reflects relationships between people, and relationships between people and nature. The piece extended out into the community in the form of a multi media workshop, in collaboration with Gongju Girls High School, several performances and an interactive installation.

Lisa Marie Kaftori in collaboration with Joan Giroux, (Compassionate Action Enterprises)

Nature, the Environment, and Humanity through Art, Gongju, South Korea, 2001