about “voices, echoes, reflections”

“Voices, Echoes, Reflections” is a site-specific installation and series of performative gestures,

based on conversations exploring entropy, the butterfly effect, and integral thought (the idea that

the universe is an integrated whole in which all living beings are elements in an interconnected biosphere).

Connection, infinitesimal changes, the flow of events in time, entropy, is an intangible measurement

of the transformation of all phenomena in the universe. A butterfly flutters its wings in the forest of

Darmstadt and, as a result, the consciousness of a poet in California may shift, ever so slightly. A

thought is experienced, creativity, awareness, feelings- everything is connected in an interactive

physical and spiritual matrix. Our dialogue began with questions about what happens in the seams of

existence. What happens to our thoughts, our sensations, and our feelings once they have occurred?

What happens to our souls? Entropy, ever increasing, is a consequence of everything that happens in

the universe, everything that we are, everything that we have ever been and everything that we ever

will be. Entropy points the direction of all things in the time continuum.

Lisa Marie Kaftori in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Kaftori and Joan Giroux

Forest, Art, Path, Laboratory, Germany, 2006