artist statement

Liminals and Interstices

Since early childhood I have had an unusually heightened awareness of the world, of what it means to be human, and of the innate need most of us have to reach out and connect, physically, emotionally and spiritually, with other human beings and with the natural world. This sensitivity is at the core of my work as an interdisciplinary artist and social sculptor.

The fragility of the human condition is one of the central themes in my work. I am also interested in liminal spaces and threshold experiences as places of potential and states of altered consciousness. I view art making as an opportunity to create intimate experiences that ask those engaging with the artwork to think or feel or perceive differently. I focus on art strategies that encourage shifts in consciousness, however small or momentary.

My work is site-specific, intimate and often ephemeral. I search for the sacred in the ordinary. I approach the process of making art as a way to renew, or to allow, meaning that is already present to emerge. It is often my practice to create opportunities for viewers to become part of the artwork. I draw participants into relationship through gentle gestures that create opportunities for connection. As a social sculptor I am concerned with the contexts in which experiences are created and framed. I explore the relationship of history to memory and of identity to place, and the ways in which they weave together to form social, political and cultural realities and contextualize our lives.

My primary goal is to create art that functions as a site for dialogue, empowerment, healing, and the strengthening or building of community. I am concerned with creating artwork that emphasizes a sense of understanding and connectedness between human beings and a respectful, symbiotic relationship with the natural world.