about kaleidoscope of influences

For the 2017 Terrain Biennial, a large scale public art exhibition responding to neighborhood and home in times of strife, kaleidoscope of influences celebrates the power and agency of the three feet of influence each of us has in the world.

Few people are powerful enough, persuasive, persistent, consistent, and charismatic enough to change the world all at once, but everyone has the ability to affect the three feet around them by behaving more ethically, honestly, and compassionately toward those they meet.

Just picture it: If more people acted from this space of love, there would be more and more terrain covered.” Sharon Salzberg

You might have heard of a concept called “the butterfly effect” which states “small causes can have larger effects.” Did you know that a community of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope? kaleidoscope of influences refers to the powerful effect a kaleidoscope of butterflies, or a neighborhood, might have on the world. It’s not so much about what we will do but about what we are already doing…

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kaleidoscope of influences

Let’s create a kaleidoscope of influences!

Artists Joan Giroux, Whitney Huber & Lisa Kaftori

This project is one of many taking part in Oak Park, Chicago, and points beyond as part of the Terrain Biennial 2017.