about “why, self-portrait in neon”

why, self-portrait in neon & why not, self-portrait on a capricious day

why, self-portrait in neon and why not, self-portrait on a capricious day, focus on existential questions. These pieces invite viewers to consider issues of identity and to reflect upon concepts of self, self-awareness and the many different ways we represent ourselves aesthetically, philosophically and intellectually. why, self-portrait in neon and why not, self-portrait on a capricious day position the self in the poetic imagination, in language and in the lyrical act of writing rather than in the physical body. These pieces were created from vector drawings of my actual handwriting that were used as templates to bend the glass tubes that contain neon gas. I chose neon for the beautiful evocative quality of the light it casts and for its whimsicality. The notion that we are “light beings” exists within the playful and sensuous curves of the neon as well.

why, self-portrait in neon and why not, self-portrait on a capricious day attempt to push the boundaries of self-portraiture to a new conceptual edge. They view existence as a question, as a questioning process. These works invite introspection. They encourage viewers to consider their own existential questions: Why am I here? Does it matter if I am in the world? What would the world be like if I did not exist? They question relevance and meaning. Why not question? Why not explore new possibilities? Why not be more understanding, tolerant, and compassionate? Why not look beyond traditional conventions of perception? Why not plumb the depths in an attempt to be more consciously aware?

These pieces were intended to create spaces for conceptual connection and to encourage viewers to wander the landscapes of their own imaginations.

Lisa Marie Kaftori