about jasmine in winter

Site-specific installation, interactive performance exploring environmental and social issues through poetic gestures, metaphors, stories, and discrete sculptural objects. jasmine in winter was the first project in the ongoing interactive series: jasmine; what is it that calls forth the need and ability to bloom out of season?

A series of performative teas, organized for Jasmine, offered viewer participants opportunities to explore ideas about ecological and humanitarian concerns. Although Jasmine was not physically present she gifted each of her tea companions with an artist book of her thoughts, stories, instructions for brewing jasmine tea and mixing jasmine martinis.

About Jasmine:

Jasmine is knowing. she is an astute and creative observer. She pertains to parallel realities, her realm of experience spans the 19 th, 20th and 21st Centuries. Jasmine understands historic social and cultural burdens; she has been witness to innovation and change as well as periods of emotional and psychological defeat. Jasmine is closely tied to the landscape and is deeply concerned with environmental issues. She remembers deep snow and bitter winters, predictable seasons, the time before the ozone layer was compromised. She worries about the rising water levels and wonders who will remain on high ground. Her world is poetic—she sees poetry in everything and senses music in all that she hears. Jasmine understands silence. She is an interspecies communicator. She has conversations with stones. Jasmine knows the potential of interstices, thresholds—liminal places and liminal states of consciousness…

Lisa Kaftori in collaboration with Joan Giroux

Vogelfrei7, Darmstadt, Germany, 2007